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Welcome to the Manufacturing and Industry website. We aim to promote awareness of Manufacturing and Industry and provide you with the very latest information and links regarding the matter. Global manufacturing might be said to cover three main sectors, namely automotive, aerospace and industrial engineering products. Manufacturing for the aerospace industry involves fabrication of specialized parts and accessories which have to be assured of highly accurate tolerances and guaranteed stability.

This requires some state of the art machinery in order to produce reliable and trustworthy aerospace engines and structural components. This machinery is made from a number of different high specification parts and has to undergo rigorous inspection before being used. Manufacturing for the automotive industry is similar in that it has to create things to high tolerances and extremely accurate specifications, with products such as sub-system engines, braking systems complete machine components, and kits, all being manufactured from castings, forgings and bar stocks.

There are also manufacturing companies who are solely focused on the fabrication of products that are used in all manner of heavy industries, with items being created that enable power generation, via forgings, or large castings that form gas and steam turbines, for the processing and power industries. These companies also furnish other manufacturers with high alloy steels, grey cast, and aluminium alloy and zinc castings. Furthermore, they also provide quality precision machining of instrument components and pressure and gravity die-castings. These are some of the biggest products of the global manufacturing industry. We would be glad to hear your thoughts and feedback regarding Manufacturing and Industry.


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